Lady Liberty

South Africa

What is it?

A ‘1st ever in South Africa’ mobile legal office travelling to women in marginalised communities to provide legal information, rights education and access (referral) to legal services to those who cannot afford it. It focuses on family law: domestic violence, sexual assault, marriage, divorce, maintenance and wills.

Want to know more?

Currently, approximately 45% of women in South Africa live in poverty, and access to lawyers, legal information and knowledge about their rights count as a luxury. The founder of Lady Liberty, Samantha Ngcolomba, believes that access to these services is a basic human right which all women should be able to make full use of, regardless of their financial means.

Lady Liberty not only provides in-person services, but SMS-based requests for information and legal help as well. Web-based services are currently under development. Lawyers wishing to take part in the program can register as volunteers, can track the location of the mobile legal office, and view project reports. Lady Liberty’s beneficiaries can track cases and view the profiles of lawyers, as well as send questions and receive information.

Want to know even more? Check out their page here.

Their impact:

  • Created 6 new jobs
  • Worked with 1800 women
  • Travelled to 4 underdeveloped regions
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