Past portfolios


Innovating Justice Awards 2011:

E-Court (The Netherlands): an online court that processes and adjudicates private law cases all over The Netherlands.

Innovating Justice Challenge 2011:

OAS Judicial Facilitators (Equador): improves access to justice by training community leaders to be mediators and conciliators, and thereby reduces the strain on the formal judicial system.



Innovating Justice Challenge 2012:

Legal Atlas (USA): a versatile tool that uses artificial intelligence to create maps and legal analytics, which may be used to perform a variety of tasks such as risk assessments, treaty compliance checks, enforcement support, and many more.



Innovating Justice Challenge 2013:

Ushahidi (Kenya): an intelligent analytical tool for gathering input on situations unfolding on the ground (e.g. elections, humanitarian crises), and for rapidly organising a response to them.

Therapeutic jurisprudence (Puerto Rico): an organisation supporting therapeutic jurisprudence through organising conferences and other events, supporting and funding research, promoting best practices, and encouraging education in the field.



Innovating Justice Challenge 2014:

LawForMe – Lawtoons (India): simplifies complex laws and turns them into easily understandable visuals.

Accountability Lab (Liberia): supports and builds the network of a new generation of leaders and changemakers, who develop and implement innovative ideas for positive social and economic development.

BRAC Property Rights Initiative (Bangladesh): empowering poor and underdeveloped communities by informing them about property rights and about the related laws, and enabling them to stake their claim on their property. The innovation also has a special focus on women.

Living Wage Challenge 2014:

Project JUST (USA): this innovation wants to transform the fashion industry into a transparent, accountable and sustainable system by providing shoppers with information that allows then to make ethical buying choices, and by encouraging ethical practices for producers.

Liberty & Justice (previously Made in Africa) (Liberia): Africa’s leading ethical apparel manufacturer committed to eradicating poverty, empowering workers, and environmental responsibility.

WageIndicator (The Netherlands): empowers both employers and employees during job search and negotiations by supplying up-to-date and easy-to-understand wage data.



Innovating Justice Challenge 2015:

Duka (Kenya): smart bookkeeping – this tool keeps track of your sales, expenses, stocks and cash flow with ease.

Five-0 (USA): the innovation addresses the issues and incidents related to citizens’ interactions with the police. It allows users to rate their interaction with the police in a specific country, to submit anonymous reports, and to identify positive practices that are then encouraged.

Integrity Idol (Nepal): an anti-corruption tool that generates debate around the concept of integrity, builds a network of honest government officials who can push for positive change, and inspires the new generations of public servants to be better.

mSME Garage (Uganda): the one-stop centre for legal guidance for SMEs, offering free legal information on everything related to starting and running a business in Uganda.

DIYlaw (Nigeria): an online DIY platform for everything business-related: company registration, ™ registration, privacy policy preparation, NDA preparations, and so on. It also offers easy access to legal professionals in the field.



SME Empowerment Challenge 2016:

Puliida (Uganda): empowers farmers, agribusinesses, climate change driven entrepreneurs and other similar organisations with innovative legal and policy solutions focused on sustainability. Provides consulting, legal services, and plain language legal tools.

Lawyers 4 Farmers (Uganda): empowers Ugandan farmers by providing access to instant legal information through an SMS-based platform.

Sauti (Kenya): empowers informal cross-border traders by providing them with information on applicable trade laws, procedures and tariffs, and thereby enables them to trade profitably, safely and legally. It also allows for traders to report incidents of corruption or harassment.

FarmingBay (Kenya): ensures that farmers trade and enter into transactions with confidence and without fear of deception by providing information and legal documents.

IMAPP (Nigeria): heir goal is to create a sustainable society by providing easy and affordable access to insurance.

Legal Advice Middle East (UAE): connects people to lawyers across the UAE and the Middle East.

Legal Legends (South Africa): a platform providing efficient and fast access to a wide range of legal services, at a fixed price.

Family Justice Challenge 2016:

Citizen Justice Network (South Africa): their mission is to make legal knowledge widely available through training community paralegals to be radio journalists, and then pairing them with their partner radio stations to produce stories that teach people about law.

Ufulu Wanga (Malawi): a human rights platform that provides basic and educative information on human rights issues and on what to do when your rights have been violated, all while guaranteeing anonymity. It also provides access to professional legal advice.

Wemora (Nigeria): an online service helping families and businesses find and create the legal documents they need.

FAMALIA (Kenya): addresses the lack of information and the inefficient case processing in succession-and land-related cases by providing information and case status updates through a mobile service.

Just Land (Ghana): offers affordable and efficient legal services related to land registration and other legal documents connected to land.

Môh Ni Bah (Côte d’Ivoire): enables the registration of newborns in rural areas.

General Legal Tech Innovations 2016:

Domjurista (Ukraine): an algorithm for preparing legal documents by searching for the template that is the most similar to what the customer requires and then adapting it to their specific needs.

EasyTender (Ukraine): a service checking tender applications to avoid losing a tender call due to inaccuracies, not having all documents prepared, and other mistakes.

J2P – Justice 2 People (Uganda): a platform for citizens to report crime in real time, and to engage law enforcement authorities in a fast and efficient way.

Haki Law App (previously KnownAfrique) (Kenya): their mission is to make knowledge about laws generally and easily accessible. The app provides legal information and connects citizens to lawyers.

Legal Alarm (Ukraine): emergency legal help in one click – an app offering 24/7 fast legal assistance by a team of legal experts.

Cryptonomica (Ukraine): a global database of verified entities that provide electronic document signature and/or online dispute resolution. It creates a cryptographic key for the user that can then be used to securely sign documents, to encrypt documents, and to negotiate disputes online.


Winner Crowdfunding Campaign:

Slumfighters (Rwanda): combining architecture, access to legal aid and design to help slum inhabitants in Rwanda to improve their neighborhood livelihoods.


Dutch Challenge 2016:

Ligo (The Netherlands): a platform that helps businesses establish themselves and manage their activities. It also provides access to legal documents and to professional legal advice.