What is Justice Innovation?

In the way that justice is synonymous with fairness, justice can refer to a broad range of issues. Within this broad range of issues, the HiiL Justice Accelerator is focused on a particular aspect of justice: the legal element.

The HiiL Justice Accelerator is focused on finding and supporting innovations that create rights awareness, provide resolution of disputes and legal problems or improve efficiency and transparency in the existing legal system.”


In general, we find that justice innovations fall into three categories:

  1. Legal information, awareness and education: legal education & rights awareness, data and transparency;
  2. Access to justice, legal services and dispute resolution: legal services – ‘Lawyers 2.0’, dispute systems and procedures, human rights and protective measures;
  3. Inclusive justice policies: rule-making and governance, compliance and enforcement, advocacy and corruption fighting.

In 2018, on the basis of HiiL’s data, we focus on resolving pressing justice problems in the following 5 areas:

We only accept a limited number of applications who address other  pressing justice problems.

Our Call for Applications is currently closed.


Call for Talent

In addition to working with justice innovations, HiiL has also recognized a group of individual bridge builders who work towards access to justice for all in their own fields of work. Find more information here.