Educational resources

Need a little help improving access to justice? Here are some materials that can help you on your mission.


Do you still need to structure your idea?

These resources will help you structure your idea without writing long business models that will take up a lot of your time, and will be already outdated once you have finished them. In this phase you write down all the assumptions you have about your innovation.

  • This video explains the lean canvas and how to create your own canvas.


Are you figuring out how to talk to customers?

You figured out what your assumptions are? Now is the time to start talking to your (potential) customers and find out what of these assumptions you can validate.


Do you want to start building your MVP?

After first testing if the problem you want to solve actually exist, you can start building your MVP to test if the solution you came up with, will solve that problem.


Are you preparing for Growth Hacking?

When you have found your product/market fit – you are ready for growth!


Do you want to measure your impact?

But why are you doing what you’re doing? We as HiiL want to help prevent or resolve the most pressing justice needs for 150 million people by 2030. But how do we know if we reached that goal? Right, by measuring our impact.