About the HJA

The HiiL Justice Accelerator finds and supports the world’s best justice entrepreneurs in order to create access to justice for all.

  1. Particularly in Africa and the Middle East but also across the world, through local partners and supporters we locate justice entrepreneurs and in many cases add them to our “Innovation Database.”
  2. Through a series of local training events as well as the yearly Justice Entrepreneurship School in The Hague, we provide training to justice entrepreneurs in the skills they need most to manage and lead their innovations.
  3. By offering seed funding, as well as access to potential future follow-on funding, we fund justice entrepreneurs with the cash they need to grow their innovations.
  4. Finally we offer acceleration and business services to justice entrepreneurs to help get them on the right track to scaling their innovations.


About the 2018 Call for Applications

HiiL is looking for innovations that help people prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. We define pressing justice problems on the basis of research and data that demonstrate the legal needs of people. This means we search for innovations that create rights awareness, provide access to legal services or dispute resolution and improve efficiency and transparency in existing justice policies.

In 2018, on the basis of HiiL’s data, we focus on resolving pressing justice problems in the following 5 areas:

Currently the Call for Applications is closed and we are in the phase of judging the applications of 2018.